Our highly automated and redundant Prepress operation contains two AGFA platelines, each producing over 100 plates per hour, and two NELA benders. It is driven by the industry leading Fusion software.

Our TKS press is configured to run either two pages wide or three pages wide depending on the paper size and configuration. It is an extremely flexible press as it can be operated as one large press or two smaller presses running two different products at the same time. The press has many computerized systems including registration, cutoff, blanket wash, and pre-set inking. The press uses computers to keep all of the 24 motors on the towers running in sync as one entity. There is a “computerized drive shaft”, no steel drive shaft tying the press together, thus the term “shaftless” technology is used to run the press.

The press is configured into six “towers”. Each tower prints full color on both sides of paper. From the floor to the topmost part of the press is 51 feet. We have color ink tanks that hold 3,500 gallons of each color of ink: cyan, magenta, and yellow. There are two black tanks holding 5,000 gallons each. Ink is piped directly to the ink fountains of the press. Ink rollers carry ink to a rubber blanket that in turn transfers the ink onto the paper. There are 96 blankets on the press. Thanks to our Baldwin automatic blanket wash, all of the blankets can be cleaned at one time requiring only a few minutes to clean completely.

Our Post Press Operation boasts two Muller Martini Inserters, and SLS 3000 and an SLS 2000. We have multiple Gammerler Commercial Stackers, a Kirk Rudy Inkjet system and an automated Shrinkwrap machine. All of these ensure accurate and quality inserting, mailing, and packaging.

We are proud of our press and would love you to visit our facility. Click here to contact us.